MINIMALISM | My journey towards a more minimalistic lifestyle. I focus on the good things in life and exclude what doesn’t bring me energy or joy. I am a conscious consumer and a master at decluttering my space! Take a look at my 5 best closet organisation tips for example!

FASHION | I write about sustainable & ethical fashion. Using what I already have in my wardrobe is my number one target. I share my outfits based on my capsule wardrobe as well as my favourite sustainable fashion brands and my best second hand stores in Stockholm.

BEAUTY | Vegan and cruelty free beauty is very close to my heart, and I love sharing my favourite products and my best advise that I’ve picked up over the years. Some of my favourite cruelty free brands are Maria Nila, IDUN Minerals, Estelle & Thild and Lumene to name a few!

TEXTILE MATERIALS | Since I work with product quality within the fashion industry and I’ve also studied textile materials and textile production I’ve got a big passion for this are. On this blog you can find my guides on for example silk and GOTS certification to name a few.

EVERYDAY LIFE | Even though I’m a bit shy and quite private, I do share some of my personal life online as well. Take a look at my Weekly Snapshots for example, where I show you some parts of my week. I must admit 90% of this content normally consists of pictures of food and cute animals I’ve met in some of my many walks and running sessions.

INSTAGRAM | In my Instagram feed you will find minimalistic outfits from my capsule wardrobe, vegan and cruelty free beauty tips, food as well as the occasional lifestyle post. I am also sharing snapshots from my everyday life in Instagram Stories. Instagram is also where I interact with most of you, which is the very best part!

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